Seeking out the right clients

Identify your customers
Create a profile of your visitors and find buyers among them

On-line advertising enables you to address a great number of people in a short time and attract a large number of visitors to you website. All those visitors, however, will not immediately become your customers.

Therefore, it is important to design a profile of the visitors of your website or your on-line promotion. Only this way will you learn which visitors need your immediate attention so that they will eventually become your customers.

How can visitors be selected and turned into buyers?

  1. Use our tools to prepare and implement your on-line promotion in order to design and tell your story in an attractive way and present your products or services.
  2. Ask the right questions. With the right encouragement, visitors will trust you with their answers. This is how you will find out which visitors are your true clients.
  3. Present your offer to your true clients. Because you know them, your offer will be exactly what they look for. You will easily get new customers.
  4. Make one step further. Offer your true clients special benefits or a gift, which can be picked up at your points of sale. You might also consider on-line vouchers, which are becoming an increasingly efficient tool for sales promotion.

Profiling leads to advertising at lower costs and to improved knowledge of your customers. We are going to show you how you can recognize your customers and stop searching in the dark.