Viral prize games

Meet, address and reward your clients! Hold a viral prize game. This will be your effective and measurable tool for seeking out new clients.

Leasing a CIKCAK database

Are you holding a prize game or conducting a survey? Have you prepared a special offer? Send your message about this to more than 178,000 e-mail addresses of Slovenian consumers – your future clients.

Application development

Offer your clients an on-line, mobile or Facebook application. Transfer part of your business on-line and take advantage of the possibility of 24-hour operations at home and around the world. Order a turnkey solution!

E-mail marketing

Inform, entertain and indulge your clients with an interesting e-newsletter, special offers and novelties. Make sure they get to know you better and that they do not forget you.

Social networks

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest … A possibility for you to enter into the exciting world of social networks! Talk to your clients, listen to them and interact with them.