Application development

Place your application on-line.
Expand your business operation at home and abroad.

You sought us out because you are interested in: Facebook application development, on-line or mobile applications, on-line business, SMS applications, Android applications, iPhone/iPad applications, on-line sales …

You will bring your business closer to your clients with an application developed for on-line use, mobile devices or Facebook. You will enable them to accept your offer, have fun, order your services or products and independently become a part of your business process.

You know your business well, and we know how to present it on-line.

We can offer a turnkey solution to design, develop, establish and maintain your application. We will save you the trouble of understanding the technical knowledge and experience that is required, and will ask the right questions, advise you in favour of the project, and at the same time, take into account your excellent knowledge of how to conduct business.

An excellent application is a reflection of how the knowledge of the client and developer is combined!

What kind of applications can we develop for you?

  • On-line applications that will work properly in all web browsers.
  • Mobile applications, ranging from SMS applications, mobile portals, to apps for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod), Android and Windows Phone platforms.
  • Facebook applications, which can help you address an ever growing number of users of this popular social network.

Which development environments are we familiar with?

  • PHP / MySQL,
  • .NET / Microsoft SQL Server,
  • Objective-C / SQLite.

Let us know your ideas for the application. Present us with an on-line business challenge you are facing. Together we can come up with a solution which will increase your sales and savings costs. Send us your inquiry!