Social networks

Mingle with your clients!
Get to know them in their own world – social networks

You sought us out because you are interested in: starting your own Facebook page, management of your Facebook page, Facebook application development, setting-up your Twitter profile, community management, gaining more fans and followers…

Social networks have won the hearts of internet users with incredible haste. They are more or less frequently mingling, talking, getting to know one other and having fun on social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

Your clients are definitely among them. But you have to be aware they are not there for you. How you present yourself on social networks must be carefully thought through. Otherwise, you can do more harm than good.

How can we help you to present yourself on social networks?

  • We can prepare a strategy to keep track of your presence on social networks.
  • We can establish or improve your Facebook page, Twitter profile, Pinterest board etc.
  • We can prepare your Facebook application (e.g. an e-voucher, a happy-birthday card, a menu, an inquiry form, a presentation of a special offer, a subscription to an e-newsletter etc.).
  • We can come up with a turnkey solution for your Facebook prize game, as it will help you gain new fans and stay in contact with the old.
  • We can offer technical support and monitor changes, which have become an everyday part of rapid social network development.
  • We can conduct a targeted Facebook advertising campaign for your offer, where you can address the right clients and achieve excellent results with a smaller financial investment.
  • We can integrate your social network profiles as a part of your website and your on-line promotion.
  • We can take on the role of an editor and administrator (community manager), and make sure your presence on social networks always offers something new and interesting.

With no worries and full speed ahead. Social networks are an excellent tool, which you should use. With the correct approach, you will be mingling with your clients and experiencing creativity and success due to the response to your work.

At the same time, you will increase your reputation, trust, popularity and even sales.