Viral prize games

Introduce yourself to your clients in a friendly and effective manner
We will make sure you will be noticed!

You sought us out because you are interested in: holding a prize game, on-line advertising, sales promotion, advertising on Facebook, holding a Facebook prize game, building a contacts database, branding…

Viral effect, e-mail marketing, sales promotion through vouchers, building a database, profiling … All of these are aspects of viral prize game, an extremely efficient way to make an on-line appearance.

An on-line promotion in the form of a viral prize game is the right choice for you if you want to establish or expand your client database, strengthen the visibility of your brand, promote sales or learn more about your clients.

With a proven approach we will take care that your viral prize game attracts the right contacts – your future customers. So called “prize hunters” will even help us to achieve this goal.

Reach your clients with a state-of-the-art on-line promotion tool – Promonis!

What can you do with Promonis?

  • Generate leads – with a well-executed on-line promotion, you can acquire more than 50,000 new contacts in one month.
  • Simultaneous appearance on both Facebook and on web landing page, reaching contacts in both worlds.
  • Hold a prize game, making your on-line promotion even more appealing.
  • Profile contacts for direct marketing purposes (purchasing intentions).
  • Advertise your products and services.
  • Strengthen your brand (branding).
  • Promote sales
    • with e-vouchers that clients can print out and cash-in at the point of sale;
    • through specific benefits for the participants in the on-line promotion;
    • with the foot traffic effect, which directs clients to your point of sale;
    • through a direct request to prepare an offer.
  • Trigger a viral effect to start spreading the news among consumers – with a well-planned viral effect, you can reach up to half a million consumers in one month.
  • Include your website or your Facebook page in your on-line promotion and therefore, increase the possibility for people to visit your website and for making new fans.

Holding a viral prize game with no trouble at all

Trust our technical, design and legal team of professionals. With Promonis, we will prepare a turnkey solution for your on-line promotion, taking into account your goals, your corporate and brand design and features of your business operation.

We will make sure that your viral prize game is in accordance with the current legislation. We will take care of the draw, informing the prize winners and, if agreed to, giving out prizes.

Your viral prize game can also be held abroad.

Take a look at the examples of successful on-line promotions which we carried out for our satisfied clients. We are happy to share our knowledge and skills with you.